Nolvadex or tamoxifeno citrate powder is an anti estrogenic drug no steroid, just like clomid it is a selective modulator of estrogenic receptors with agonist and antagonistic properties. This means it can act like an estrogen in some organs and block its action in others. It is a very potent anti estrogen and is commonly used in the treatment of breast cancer and in some cases taken as a prevention of breast cancer. One main concern that athletes have to using anabolic steroids is developing gynocomasia, an adverse side effect that developes the mammary gland in males, this is due to excessive estrogen that is produced with the use of certain substances that have an affinity with the enzyme aromataze like testosterone. This risk can be decreased with the use of tamoxifeno citrate due to its antagonist effect that takes place in the mammary glands which effectively blocks estrogen to avoid gynocomastia from developing. Nolvadex not only possesses these properties but also has the abilily to increase the production of the follicle hormone and leutinizing hormone which helps in producing endogenous testosterone.

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